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Leyna Girl

"Match Made In Heaven"

Miss Leyna Marie was born on October 5, 2010. Leyna was rescued by The French Bulldog Rescue Network“FBRN” in May 2017, at the ripe age of 6 years old. She spent her first 5 months with a BEYOND loving foster family, who to this day is still involved in Leyna’s life and will FURever be considered family!  

By happenstance, Whitney (Leyna’s FURmama) was scrolling through Instagram and came across Leyna’s picture on FBRN’s Instagram page. Whitney saw that beautiful, smiling pied face and immediately knew they were meant to be together.  For Whitney, it was love at first site (or scroll). She knew this gorgeous, allergy riddled, crooked faced, partially blind, floppy eared, pied senior, was the missing piece to her life! Whitney went through the application process so she could meet that perfectly imperfect baby. Leyna, the stubborn girl that she is – decided to play hard to get at first. She gave Whitney NO ATTENTION, and focused on the kids in the park – such a stinker! Thankfully, that did not stop Whitney from wanting to get to know Leyna better. 

According to Whitney, I truly had no clue how much we BOTH needed each other, I may have “rescued” my Leyna Girl, but she truly SAVED me. I was going through a rough patch and she grounded me”!






On October 18, 2017 the two became one and have been inseparable since! 

It really is the age old ‘who rescued who’ story.

The deal was sealed, Whitney legally adopted Leyna to be her daughter on January 18, 2018!! Leyna is now living her best life and has finally been given the chance to truly shine and show the world the beautiful soul that had been repressed for so many years.

The little girl Whitney brought home in 2017 has become a different lady. After some much needed love and a bit of etiquette training, Leyna has turned out to be the sweetest and most gracious little girl.

Whitney describes Leyna as, the little Grandma everyone wishes they had. You IMMEDIATELY fall in love with her. You can just SEE the gratitude in her beautiful little eyes”.

Leyna was Whitney’s first experience with adopting/rescuing a FURbabe and she realizes this type of success story isn’t always the “norm”. Given this experience, Whitney wanted to find a way to not only share Leyna’s story but also support and give back to FBRN so they can continue to save other Frenchies in need.


Hence, Leyna’s Legacy… Read more here


Wet Kisses,

Leyna Marie & Whitney