20% of EVERY sale benefits The French Bulldog Rescue Network FBRN

The Legacy

Leyna’s Legacy was launched in March 2018; 20% of every sale is donated to FBRN. Leyna’s Legacy was not only created to support FBRN but to create a Legacy for Leyna, a way for Whitney to ALWAYS remember her.

Leyna was Whitney’s first experience with “rescuing/adopting”. Prior to this, Whitney was naïve to all that went into rescuing pups in need. Not to mention the cost involved in getting them the medical care they need… let alone the crazy costs involved with French Bulldogs.  Without donations and committed volunteers, FBRN would never be able to operate nationally.

Whitney started making flowers to attach to Leyna’s collar as a cute “girly” accessory. Followers of Leyna’s Instagram page started inquiring where she got them.

“That’s when the light bulb went off, I realized I could make them, sell them, and give a percentage to FBRN and help support their initiatives” said Whitney.

She loved the idea of not only doing something she enjoyed, but also being able to make a difference and support a GREAT CAUSE! Leyna’s Legacy has a constantly evolving product line but the primary product is collar accessories – flowers and bows.The flowers listed for $10.05 were our FIRST products and are representative of Leyna’s birthday!

Supporting this business supports pups in need all over the world! Without FBRN, Leyna wouldn’t have been afforded this second chance and we hope to help create second chances for many other pups!

Wet Kisses,

Leyna Marie & Whitney

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